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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fit II Fight!

This lovely man Kayne Hemsing and CO have decided to sponsor me with there amazing unique fitness/armwrestling clothing line! a very successful clothing line in the fitness world! and i am very happy about it a friend of mine in the armwrestling world Sarah Backman is also sponsored by them and i have seen pictures and they are AWESOME! so i am really excited to see them!

I met Kayne in 2007! he made a trip to England and trained with our team then i saw him again in worlds in Italy! he is great armwrestler form Canada! and a lovely man all together!
All armwrestlers NEED to check this clothing line out I'm SURE you will be buying they are GREAT! also guys who love fighting clothing you will LOVE IT!

You will NOT be disappointed!
Check it out!


Karen said...

you are a very good choice for any sponsor! i will look at the clothing just because you said it is good! hehe

Anonymous said...

ooooooo veryyy good tshirts!

Liam said...

i like this! i want buy thanks

Joanne Poole said...

yes! they are great BUY LOADS! hehe :D enjoy!

The Independent Rage said...

I know nothing about arm wrestling. Are you allowed to use your off-arm to try to distract the opponent (e.g., through use of zany hand gestures)? What about footsie under the table -- permitted?

Joanne Poole said...

hehe no your not the other hand must stay on the peg on the other side of the table and no contact is allowed underneith the table :)

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